About’Class Suspension’

Dear Parents,

To reduce the opportunity of the spread of influenza in schools, the Government considered a basket of factors, including the latest Influenza data and trend, concerns of the public and parents, so the Government announced that all Kindergartens and child care centres to start class suspension beginning 26th January,2019 (Saturday). The Birthday Party & Lunar New Year Event will be rescheduled on 15th February,2019(Friday). Parents can decide to let your children to participate in the activity. 

 During the holidays, parents should note the following measures to prevent your children from being infected as far as possible:

☆To maintain good personal hygiene and cover nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing and wash  hands thoroughly afterwards;

☆To maintain good indoor ventilation;

☆To build up good body immunity by maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly and taking adequate rest; and to avoid going to crowded or poorly ventilated public places. 

During this period, the school will still have implementations of epidemic prevention measures i.e. , checking body temperature before going to school every day, using disinfection carpet, disinfection hand washing, wearing a mask and hand washing after activities. Our school will keep our premises open, our staff will stay on duty to handle school affairs and to answer parents’ enquires during non-scheduled school holidays. Parents can arrange your time to come and take back the holiday reader and stuffs during office hours (9:00a.m.-5:15p.m.) 

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us 2494 8848.