About Class Suspension of 18/11-24/11

鑑於路面及交通仍有不穩定因素,以及給予學校充分時間為復課做好準備,教育局宣佈全港幼稚園19/11-24/11 繼續停課,學校會持續關注最新情況作調動,請留意學校網頁。我們亦將於19/11 在EDX APP上載不同班級的小遊戲,請家長在課餘時間與孩子進行活動。
Due to the unstable conditions, let the school to make good preparation for class resumption, EDB announced all of the kindergarten will be suspended from 19/11 to 24/11. We will keep update the situation, please check our website. Besides, we will through EDX apps to upload some learning activities for the children, let parents can play with your child during this week .